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        The mission of Mohave Valley Professional Firefighters Local 4295hp_002 jpg is continuous organizational improvement for all of our members while representing their interests with honesty and integrity in the areas of protecting their health and safety, maintaining a fair and equitable environment, and showing a civic pride by consistent community involvement.

  hp_003 jpg      We shall always defend the needs of firefighters and use all of the vast resources of the International Association of Firefighters to ensure the safety of our firemen.

        We are a proud group of professional firefighters dedicated to delivering the best in fire protection to the citizens ofhp_004 jpg Mohave Valley, Arizona. Always mindful that we are servants to the public, we will give our best effort on a daily basis.

IAFF Local 4295 Mohave Valley Professional Firefighters

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IAFF Local 4295
Mohave Valley Professional Firefighters Association
Mohave Valley, Arizona 86440
Phone: 928-768-9113
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International Association of Fire Fighters Local 4295 Mohave Valley Professional Firefighters
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